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Ataturk, "the whole world heard that masters, now İzmir is no dirty Roma, on the foot of the Holy one! 1925, "he stressed the importance, Inglis Herodotos" they are the best we know our cities of Earth, sky and formed in the best climate "can not get himself, Aristotle, Alexander's remains, saying" you're missing Ignore you! "warned, Victor Hugo wrote poetry" in the name of İzmir from never saw her like a Princess, "he praised İzmir; border city and center of the passage of different parts of Turkey. largest city. Oscillating like a Pearl on the shore of the Aegean İzmir 8,500 with great historic and cultural richness of the past year. Izmir; the richness of the cultural and geographical location, Turkey is the most European city, Metropolis, switching between different regions point due to the ease of transportation (air transport of both the sea and land as well as ease of use and convenience), structure, cultural activities and appropriate climate for tourism art activities: socio-cultural structure available, 629-kilometer length of the coast and its 101-kilometer section contains all-natural beaches with suitable for different kinds of tourism. Izmir but also different cultures, lifestyles, beliefs (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Armenian, Greek, etc.) lived in peace together for thousands of years a city of tolerance and ethnoses. Izmir; Taylor (Flagged), Cnta, Ephesus, Pergamon (Bergama), Teos (Sigacik), Lebedus (Uthappa), Kyme (Aliaga), Allianoi (of Yortanli), Teles (hyphen), Phokaia (Foça), 18th century (Daly), Erythrai (Fountain), the inhabitants of Klazomenai (Urla), Metropolis (Texas), Claros (Ahmetbeyli) and Myrina (Aliaga) inhabited lands ruled that civilizations in history and was still at the center of the civilization heritage of many thousands of years. Izmir; every period of history have served the world well known human health, Agamemnon, Asklepion, Allianoi, Kasha and Fountain-Şifne, Ilica, etc. with healing centers, especially Scandinavian countries and visitors from all over the world offering their wellness options, is too high and potential health and thermal tourism Center.