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Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world only partially reflects the truth of the word. Those who know Istanbul, İstanbul is the most beautiful city in the world. Of course, with both historic and geographic location in the world and the nature of ' beautiful ' has a lot of who deserves the title of city. But, history, geography and nature come together in a beautiful terkiple in İstanbul, another city. The Bosphorus, the sea and the Green is a wonderful geography fielded to beautify the Earth. As the world recognizes the Estuary with the name of a delicious Golden Horn sea cloven with folds on the European shore, is one of the most beautiful locations that can be likened to a city. History, like this beauty of İstanbul as an extension added to a separate, of course, is beauty. Byzantine, Genoese and Ottoman architects, made to beautify the İstanbul together. The lion's share of contributions made to the beauty of Istanbul, there is no doubt that the Ottomans, in particular, constitutes the Summit of architecture belongs to the great Mimar Sinan.

Greek texts so far
The beauty of Istanbul, artists, and poets share of undeniable. Poems written for Istanbul, İstanbul by travelogue, İstanbul, telling stories, novels, like the colorful mansions, large and small, spread it on top of mosques of İstanbul, perched in fountains, fountain Street, such as a part of the unique beauty of İstanbul. Greek texts, Byzantine and Ottoman vekayi, İstanbul the oldest written source. In the Greek text, has a more mythical narration. In this text, the principal subject of the non-İstanbul, gods, goddesses and legendary beings way a team sometimes suffers to İstanbul. Istanbul is one of the myths associated with this text. Many of this kind of text, the true events in time, by people who exited the road legend.